Lei Li

Senior Student

Xidian University


Hi, I am a senior student at School of Computer Science and Technology, Xidian University. I post on my blog (in Chinese) about research and my life.

Currently, I am a research intern of Language Computing and Machine Learning Group (LANCO), advised by Prof. Xu SUN. Luckily, I will join LANCO as a graduate student at 2020.

I am enthusiastic about Natural Lanuge Processing (NLP). My research interests includes Text Generation and Sentiment Analysis.


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Reinforcement Learning


  • BSc in Software Engineering, 2016 - Now

    Xidian University

Selected Publications

Enhancing Topic-to-Essay Generation with External Commonsense Knowledge

Automatic topic-to-essay generation is a challenging task since it requires generating novel, diverse, and topic-consistent …

Automatic Generation of Personalized Comment Based on User Profile

Comments on social media are very diverse, in terms of content, style and vocabulary, which make generating comments much more …


Natioal Scholarship

Highest award for undergrudates in China.

DeeCamp 2018-Best Demo Award

Generate chinese hip-pop lyrics with enhanced SeqGAN.